About Us


CUAUHLIN brings the world confidence and strength through style and designs from ancestral inspirations. CUAUHLIN focus is to bring forth unity, passion, and success through designs that unleash the inner warriors and expand inner talents.

Our Vision

Be a universal brand to display through all the challenges of life and death, demonstrating a strength from existing strength in order to continue with the utmost strength.

About Us

CUAUHLIN designs come from inspirations to succeed when life’s struggles are seeking a challenge.  Based in El Paso, TX, with the spirits that work when there is work, work on the side, and work because there is more work to be done.  CUAUHLIN is about family, unity, passion, finding your talents and applying them to help or inspire others.  Everyone is their own person and on their own mission, but we are all intertwined on the quest for excellence.  We wanted to create designs that remind people that they are not alone, as everyone has an ancestral lineage that continues within.  Ancestors left markings for many reasons and it is time to know you are here for a reason, as well.  CUAUHLIN shows strength and belief that you are strong, respected, hardworking, talented, getting stronger on your life path, and bringing others to unravel their talents.  Our designs are for style, for growth, for strength, for unity, for life, and for those that have past making it possible for today.